Brand & Structure Design

JINKANG design center provides professional and innovative designing, which helps our clients to be more competitive in the market. We have the extensive packaging solution experience to know what is important to your business; we have a staff of industrial and graphic designers who value engineer creative solutions that make sense both graphically and structurally. Our designers not only make sure your product look great, but also consider such critical issues as costing, material and production methods. 

  • Our design services include: 
  • Artwork production 
  • Retouching & color adjusting
  • Layout 
  • Structural design 
  • Material specification 
  • Mocking up


About us
Zhejiang Jiangjin Kang is a leading company in the new business model, provide you with professional retail packaging solutions. In short, we are focused on the retail industry in the field of packaging design and production, in order to secure your
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