Lab Tests

With a bunch of test equipments such as X-rite spectrodensitometer, bursting tester, and rub tester, we are able to test the functions of package during production and make sure its quality. Please see our test equipment list below:

    • Plate densitometer (X-Rite iCPLATE Ⅱ Advance)
    • Spectrodensitometer (X-Rite 528)
    • Bar coder
    • Basis Weight Balance
    • Bursting Tester for Corrugated (PN-BSM600)
    • Crush Tester (PN-CT300)
    • ECT Sample Cutter (PN-ECC25)
    • Circular Sample Cutter
    • Rub Tester (QD-3031)
    • Brightness Tester (PN-48B)
    • Box Compression Tester
    • Micrometer Caliper
    • Temperature Meter
    • Moisture Meter

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